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Hangzhou Hua Fang Numerical Control Machine Tool Co. Ltd
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Hangzhou Hua Fang CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprises,We have been developing and manufacturing wire-cut electrical discharge machines for almost 30 years.
Our company is one of China¡¯s key enterprises in the Non-traditional machining industry.
We are now:
(a)   a council member of China Machine Tool £¦ Tool Builders¡¯ Association
(b)   a council member of Non-traditional machining branch of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (CMES)
(c)    a member unit of the National Technical Committee for Standardization of Non-traditional machine tools.
In 2015, HF320MZQ-G15 and HF400MZQ-G15, the two types of our repeated-cut WEDMs, passed the test of Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of Machine Tools which is the only professional testing institution of EDM equipment in China, and obtained a certificate of excellence jointly issued by the National Standards Commission and China Non-Traditional Machining Association.
Our company is located in Xihu District, Hangzhou City. The workshops, scientific research center and office buildings cover an area of 17,000 sqm. Our company is fully equipped with processing and testing equipment, including an imported pentahedron gantry machining center, a British Renishaw laser interferometer, a universal tool microscope, a Germany Marr roughness tester, a German tension tester, etc. Our company¡¯s annual production capacity of WEDM tools is more than 2000 pieces.
Our company has been cooperating with the Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA) for many years, and a production-study-research cooperation base with a graduate student station and a joint EDM laboratory was established. Fundamental theoretical research on WEDM is carried on here, and the achievements are constantly applied to the development of new products.
Our Company¡¯s quality policy: Spirit of science, pragmaticism and innovation; Attitude of continuous learning, professionalism and self-discipline; Equal attention to quality and service; Painstakingly pursuing perfection.
Our Company¡¯s management principle: The goal is based on the requirements of clients; The way is achieving innovation through constant scientific research; Be rigorous, factualistic and honest; Revitalize and enhance the status of national brand.
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